Saturday, 31 August 2013

Felt Tip Liner

Hey guys,

I've recently been getting into the felt tip eye liner pen things, my friends been using them for a while and I've been meaning to try them. I've always used liquid eyeliner and in the last year started using gel liner for the more dramatic look. Although I've noticed a lot more felt tip pens advertised on TV and thought i'd give it a try because I've always found liquid eye liner too much fuss for a quick everyday look. So onto the products, I went for fairly cheap ones to start. The first I bought was 'Rimmels Scandal Eyes thick and thin eyeliner' this was from Boots and cost me £5.49 and the second was 'Collection Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner' again from Boots and cost me £2.99.
Sorry about the not so great pictures

So the first one I bought was from Rimmel and the reason I went for this is because Rimmel is a personal fav brand when it comes to make-up. The idea of it is that it has a all in one thick and thin applicator with the edge like an angled brush. I though this was a nice idea as I thought I would be able to get right to the lash line for definition or a defined line. It was great for about 3 days..before it dried up. I stored it upside down to try and prevent it from drying but nope no good, maybe it was me maybe the product, but now instead of a nice flowing black line I have a dried felt tip which you really have to work at (as you can see in the picture below). Not such a great liner for what I want but maybe ill get some use when I want to touch up on the go or create a smudgy look. Sorry Rimmel but this didn't cut the mustard for me.
After Rimmel didn't work out I thought I'd give Collection 2000 a try. I've never really rated Collection until I heard other bloggers talk about it and thought what have I got to loose..other than a couple of quid anyways. Well boy let me tell you I was definitely wrong not to rate it! This liner is great you can create a nice delicate line or a dramatic bold line, it dries super quick and hasn't dried out on me yet (and I've had it for about a month). At £2.99 you really can't go wrong. It says it's a 24 hour liner, but lets be honest who wears eye liner for that long? Saying that it's lasted me a good 10 hours, and I've napped. I feel a love for Collection 2000 blooming.

I really want to try the 'Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen', 'L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Blackbuster Intense' Has anyone tried these? Or even the Rimmel and Collection ones? Let me know in the comment. 

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Hair Bands

Hey Guys,

So this is a little moan/ cry for help!

I have always used Tesco's thin blond non-metal hair bands for years and when I say years I mean like since I didn't go to Claire's Accessories every weekend..which is about 10 years. Now I would keep one on my wrist permanently and one hair tie would last me about 2 months before it came a bit loose and I'd change. I bought a packet about 4 months ago and a whole pack of about 20 lasted me the same amount as one used to, I  just thought maybe it was a bad batch (sounds so weird 'bad batch of hair ties). I then bought another pack and these lasted even less. I've now bought some thicker non-metal ones in the hope they'll last me longer. But please such a strange question but any one know where to get some good hair ties? They just don't seem to be what they used to be.

Sorry for such a strange post, but if beauty bloggers can't help me who can eh? Looks like it's a down do everyday then :)

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Empties Review

Hey Guys,

So recently I've moved home from being at university for 4 years and a big clear out of my beauty products and make-up was definitely a must.

Majority of my make-up simply went in the bin because it was stuff I'd bought when I was 15/16 and lets be honest who has skin matching foundation when you're that age! I might do a post on what survived the bin if you are interested? Let me know in the comments. Although my skin products and hair care was all usable and just needed a good using up, so hear are my empties and what I thought about them. Here we go..

Starting from top left: Aussie miracle hair insurance leave-in conditioner/ Tresemmé heat defence/ Nivea daily essentials refreshing toner/ Nivea daily essentials day cream/ Palmers coco butter formula firming butter/ Jergens cocoa butter/ The Body Shop almond body butter/ Boots cocoa butter body butter. 

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner
This product is my absolute life saving in hair care! I have had bleach highlights since I was about 15 till I was about 18 then I home coloured all colours under the sun for a year then back to bleach. At the start of my second year of uni I kinda sat down with myself and thought my hair is so long and thick yet it is in such bad shape, I need to fix this. So my best friend who is a hairdresser recommended Aussie to me as a cheaper alternative to salon brands and let me tell you I have never looked back! I use it on wet hair before I brush and really focus on the ends. I find it detangles well and really locks in the moisture after a shower, it has a great spray and smells amazing! definite recommend for less than happy hair.

Tresemmé Heat Defence Styling Spray with UV Filter
Heat protection is a must when blow drying, straightening and curling on a daily basis. I feel heat protection is like foundation you need to find one that suits your hair and after a long search for a good heat protection I have found my perfect match. I have tried many different brands and types but Tresemmé is my fav! I use it on wet hair after my Aussie and brushing routine and really spray well including the roots. I really like its wide spray and feel it has a light consistency on my thick hair. With heat protection I've always struggled to find one which is good for straightening but light enough for curling and I feel Tresemmé ticks my heat pro boxes.

Nivea Daily Essentials Range 
I'm going to combine these two Nivea products (Refreshing Toner & Rich Moisturising Day Cream). Start off I love the toner my skin is quite sensitive and dry so I'm always quite sceptical about skincare products. But this toner leaves my face really refreshed and tightened (I'm not even sure if thats suppose to happen) but I like the way it leaves my skin feeling smooth and ready for the day! I then pair it with the day cream, now I thought as I have dry skin I'd get the rich moisture one but it leaves my skin feeling very oily and I'm not a fan. But because I like the range I thought lets try the blue cap one which is more normal/combination skin and it's so much better leaves my skin smooth and nourished but not greasy! I would definitely recommend these products I bought them at Tescos and there normally on offer for £1.99 each, like all the time, which I feel you can't really go wrong. Although I would advise against the Rich Moisture one (pink cap).

Palmers Coco Butter Formula Firming Butter
So on to the Cocoa Butters, from the images you can see I'm a fan of a body butter. Now this Palmers one I bought because my previous experience with the brand was great so I thought it would be a safe buy. I was slightly disappointed and I think there are better coca butters out there. I was going to start with the pros but I can't think of any over the cons so let me get them out and I'll see if I can think of the pros. So the cons: It's slow to dry and leaves the skin sticky for about 20minutes, the smell is quite sickly and I know cocoa butter smell is quick rich but this ones too much, the pump which I thought I'd like is hard to use especially when you hands are all creamy. Ok I thought of a pros.. It's called a firming butter and when using it I actually felt like it worked. My skin felt amazing after a 20 minute dry and after about 10 days felt firmer but personally I will not be purchasing again.  Sorry Palmers :(.

Jergens Cocoa Butter 
Man almighty I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. It smells amazing, it drys quickly, my skin feels nourished but not greasy and the scent lasts on the skin. I honestly have no negatives to say. I bought this from Superdrug when it was on offer but I would defiantly buy again at full price! I can't even put into words how much I love it, I simply have no more to say!
I've also tried the 'skin firming' one which doesn't dry as quick and is a bit sticky but my skin was noticeably smoother within days!

The Body Shop Almond Body Butter 
This body butter my mum bought me at Christmas and I love the smell, it's sweet but not overpowering. The consistency is quite heavy and I found I had to use a lot to cover my skin. After application I found it left my skin feeling very oily and greasy which I'm not a fan off but when that went it left my skin smooth. I feel this product is worth buying but only in the sale as I think it was about £8, but don't hold me to that. Although I've been reading about different flavours and they seem to have different consistencies to different flavours so I think I'm going to try one with a lighter consistency.

Last but not least..

Boots Essentials Cocoa Butter Body Butter 
This was another one my mum bought me and when I first opened it I thought 'hmm Boots own not sure how I feel about you' but oh my I was pleasantly surprised. The scent is heavenly, its light yet so nourishing, dries quickly and so much more. It came in a set with a body scrub and body wash, the body was I only use on special occasions because the scent it soo good but the scrub is good but I prefer really gritty scrubs and this was more smooth. I cannot sing it's praises enough definitely one to stock up at Christmas!

So that's everything, sorry for such a lengthy post but just wanted to pass on my thoughts of products I've finished. Any of you used these products, what have you thought?

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My first every blog entry.. 25 Random Facts About Me!

So..blogging..this is scary. This is my first every post (YAYY) and I'm new to this so please be patient with me. I've decided to start blogging because I feel I have a lot to say and no one to say it to lol. My blog is going to be mainly beauty focused with a bit of fashion and my life thrown in! 

I though as my first post I'm going to tell you a bit about lets kick it off with '25 random facts about me'...

1) I am 22.

2) Yellow is my favourite colour (it was also my Nan's and my is my dad's). 

3) I have dyslexia pre warning my spelling and grammar can be bad..but I'm working on it :).

4) I am 5'9.

5) I went to university for 4 years. 1 year studying fashion photography and 3 years studying advertising which I graduate with a 2:1.

6) I am scared of baked beans. Vom.

7) I'm a pretty good cook.

8) I love watching animal documentaries.

9) I am obsessed with elephants.   

10) I have a brother who is 22 months older than me. 

11) I love watching horror films. Then I regret it 5 minutes in. Every time.  

12) I have never had a boyfriend.

13) People laugh at me when I say 'individually'. 

14) I used to play cricket, golf and football. 

15) I think Christmas is overrated. 

16) I think Valentines Day and Halloween are underrated. 

17) I am the first Farnfield to have a degree.

18) My surname is Farnfield. 

19) I get specific and pacific confused. 

20) I always remember peoples birthday, even if I haven't seen them for years.  

21) I like to clean when I'm hung-over or angry. 

22) I don't like boys with sleeve tattoos. 

23) My best friend Vicki is my idol.

24) I don't like be touched. Makes me squirm.  

25) I am actually really shy. No one believes me when I say this but when I first meet people they think I don't like them but it's just because I'm scared. 

So that was 25 random facts about me. I hope you enjoyed it, please follow me cos I will be posting more very soon. Any ideas how to end this..I guess I'll say goodbye..Byeeeeee <3