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Hey Guys,

So I thought id give you a little bit about me..

My name is Jenny Farnfield, I am 22 years old and my birthday is 7th May.

I live in a very small village in Surrey with my mum and dad. I have a brother but he is currently travelling the world. I'm more of a home nester.

I graduated university in 2013 and gained a degree in Advertising. I now work in a Digital Marketing agency where I am a Digital Account Manager and deal with all things search (PPC&SEO). I love it.

For my blog I plan to be very beauty focussed with a bit of fashion chucked in! I love all things beauty especially nails and hair. I love going into stores and looking through all the make-up and trying new things. I've started my blog because I wanted a place where I could share my thoughts and opinions. I love reading other peoples blogs giving product reviews and there thoughts about things. I originally wanted to do YouTube videos but I'm way to scared and shy right now, so I'm hoping this will help my confidence! As well as beauty I'm going to add a few bits about me and what I'm currently doing. Once I've got going I want to add a few more topics like cooking and advertising as these are my other interests, although I don't want to loose focus :).

So not to blabber on..I hope you enjoy what you read and please follow, comment as I would love to hear from you and read your blogs to! I am new to this please bare with me.

Also just to finally say..I am dyslexic.. So if there are any grammar, spelling, sentence issues please let me know and help me to make my writing better :)

I have also done the 25 Facts About Me Tag which you can see here.

Thanks everyone and enjoy!

Anything I post or review on my blog is my honest opinion. I have bought everything myself otherwise it will be stated. All images are of my own otherwise stated. I am just giving my personal opinion on what I've used.  

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